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-Homer J. Simpson

Friday, November 20, 2009

Brad Wall on Climate Change

So Brad Wall says that his government is taking climate change seriously? But what is telling Washington?

Wall, unlike Inhofe, is no flat-earther. He accepts the science and recognizes a climate law of some kind is inevitable.But he's here to tell Washington "we need to rag the puck a bit" so that "cap-and-trade doesn't end up taking a pipe wrench to the parts of our economy that are still comparatively strong ..."
So he admits that there is a problem on the climate change front, but he doen't think we should do anything about it.


Michael Watkins said...

Wall, like Harper, will always refer to the one CO2 capture and storage solution which just happens to be in his province - in Weyburn, a joint project of EnCana, the U.S. Department of Energy (yes), and the Canadian government.

That project has been going on for years. Funny then that there are no new such projects in operation.

There are only four of these pilot projects in existence on the entire planet.

I find it hard to celebrate something which by the very lack of forward progress suggests that they are not economically viable.

Heavy taxation on polluters would ensure they are economically viable.

Brian said...

Wall should get back home and take care of the financial mess he and his gang have created in Saskatchewan. As for the climate, he and his group continually fought any attempt by the former NDP government to engage in any kind of attempt to deal with climate change.

The cash spent on Wall's photo-op in Washington could surely have been much better spent here at home, where the economy is going into the tank, as it always does when the right-wingers take office.

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